Fasting is something we might have heard of before. But it is kind of like running a marathon, most people never do it. I have some good friends who aren’t world class athletes but run marathons. How do they do it? They obtained some good information on how to do it and then they follow through.

I want to call our church to fasting. Jesus said in Matthew 6:17 – “when you fast”. Did you catch that? “When” not “if”. The problem most of us have is not with “when”, but with “how”. Dr. Bill Bright from Campus Crusade has written a great article you can access through the following link - I encourage you to read “how” and then do it.

This is a personal thing. Jesus was teaching against fasting for show in Matthew 6. You can fast without making it about you. Fasting is about focusing on God, by intentionally taking the focus off yourself. Jesus never taught us not to fast, he actually modeled fasting and predicted fasting for those who follow Him. Who knows? A spiritual awakening could be in your future through the discipline of fasting.